I love you Kristen Claudia Poulos

For cool love poem story, all for the love of glory! Amen, The End! To my will and testament that Kristen Claudia Poulos witnessed my REVConnect Diploma, I miss her move from going to California! I miss her so much that I'm out of touch! What can I do to win her back to get my good mac! I neglected her for so many years that we share the REVConnect Tool that binds us dear! I'll lose my mind if I lose the REVConnect Tool from that I earned in time! Wonder Woman Nineteen Eighty-Four, you're the only one I truly adore! Even with a lasso, you can make the truth come out from an a??hole! I'm really truly sorry CLOUDIA, I really truly miss ya! Can you give me another try for Belden sake, I'll make sure I don't make the same mistake! I invaded your privacy, that's why you are not giving me no mercy! I still have what it takes in poetry, I'll make sure it's for real when I ask you to marry me! You seen the picture of a Metal Rose in a wooden frame, I going make you a wedding ring so you can be my hot dame! You are my 2018 Pictured Rock from Michigan, hopefully everything turns are ok because you're my only Wonder Woman! I love your long hair because you are the one I truly care who I didn't want to scare! If there's an end to this poetry, it's because I'm venting out my misery! For me you're way too cool, I'm not trying to make you a fool! Even though I can make you a love poem where my heart belongs, I don't know about a love song! I made this poem for thee, I hope that it wins your heart secretly! I'm trying my best to make every sentence rhyme, one day hopefully I can say you my Valentine! I think I made you smile like the toothpaste Crest, you mean the whole world to me like a treasure chest! “The NeverEnding Story®“, I’m really sorry! I don’t want you to think of this sad Apple iTunes, I want our love to fully develop and bloom! The relationship is no a mere fictitious fantasy, having the physical REVConnect Tool is a reality which you make me so happily! You're getting the ZeroWater when Holy Water protects you from my altar!